The iPhone 7 Rundown – Grasp Support 16′

The iPhone 7 Rundown – Grasp Support 16′

Grasp Support - 16'

The iPhone 7 Rundown – Grasp Support 16′

The iPhone 7 Rundown – Grasp Support 16′

Its that time again! Time to go banana’s over a new iPhone, or vehemently denounce it for making a fuss over features that android phones rolled out several years ago.

Here we go……………

Camera: Well, what is most important about an iPhone is making calls no? No, no its not. What is most important is being able to take photos of the cat that’s got its head stuck in a box of tissues again, silly Boris! So lets look at the Camera specs. The Apple iPhone 7 has a 12MP dual telephoto/wide angle rear camera with optical stabilization (finally) and a wider f/1.8 aperture and an updated 7MP iSight camera at the front. Apple’s iPhone 7 should also finally be able to tackle low-light situations now where it had improved since the iPhone 5 but stick lost out to rival Samsung’s and other android phones on occasion. The iPhone 7 also promises to deal with 4K video recording in a realistic way.

Chipset: Handling the grunt of the processing is the trusty A-series chipset with the new A10 Fusion chipset. The present iPhone 6 A9 chipset was able to absolutely grind out performance with fantastic stability but the A10 looks set to be a different animal. We’re talking a 6-core GPU (many, many cores) and performance that puts its CPU capability only just shy of the current iPad pro. That is for all intents and purposes real world desktop performance in a 4-5 inch sized unit. It has been cited that the A10 has a 18% increase and in performance from the current A9 unit found in the iPhone 6s latest models. You can expect more efficiency from the battery also which is an essential predicate of a new iPhone release.

Storage: So here’s how things stack up. Firstly the base model is now 32GB, which comes as no surprise as the base of 16GB simply isn’t sufficient for all of those aforementioned pictures of Boris the cat. Here’s the rundown of capacity options:

iPhone 6s: 32gb / 128gb

iPhone 6s Plus: 32gb / 128gb

iPhone 7: 32gb / 128gb / 256gb

iPhone 7s Plus: 32gb / 128gb / 256gb

Simply put, you now have the colossal 256gb option of storage for the iPhone 7. This is useful for those of us who feel the need to have a laptops worth of content on our phone. Never have the words, “Turn-on-find-my-iPhone” or “tether-your-phone-to-your-head” been more true.

Screen Sizes: Nothing different to see here folks, move along.

Prices: 32gb (£599) 128gb (£699) 265gb (£799) – Hold on wait a minute, how much is a second hand MacBook Pro again?

The Other Stuff:

There’s no headphone socket, OH THE HORROR, THE HOOOORRORRRR!! Well actually yes, when you are talking about having to have the “Earpod” cable-less headphones to accompany your iPhone at a replacement cost of a stonking £156 then you’re absolutely right to feel a twinge of annoyance. Hands up who has lost a set of wired Apple headphones? Yup, that’s what we thought.

Its water resistant: Lets be clear here, WATER RESISTANT not WATER PROOF. In other words, don’t take the micky with flushing your iPhone 7 down the loo as a party piece, because Apple’s definition of resistant will only mean it can handle stand normal water pressures and every day accidental brief dunks.

The AV: you’re still going to feel a lack of crispness to your equivalent android phones here. Apple have introduced more brightness and colour density to its screen and packed in a dual speaker audio rig with a really pleasing sound dispersion but this is not where the iPhone will win vs rivals. Its sufficient perhaps, but its not a quantum leap by any stretch of the imagination.

The looks: Well, you’re looking at something that has been cruelly dubbed the iPhone 6sS on occasion. This is for its striking resemblance to the current iPhone 6 and with very little in the way of finish options. Aesthetics are clearly not the primary focus of this latest model.


Apple are clearly focused on performance and raw consumer considered storage specs to win the day. We’re still left underwhelmed by the screen and the rather extortionate new headphone setup which could very well come back to bite Apple in the proverbial but the processing grunt and capability of the new iPhone should be enough to get the loyal consumer base over the line into parting ways with the cash necessary to shift a decent amount of units. Gone are the days Apple redefines the mobile telephone, in place are refinements and more modest improvements.

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