Rise Of Artificial Intelligence – Grasp 16′

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence – Grasp 16′

Grasp 16'

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence – Grasp 16′

Rise Of Artificial Intelligence – Grasp 16′

Here at Grasp, we’ve always got our ears open to news of big developments that are occurring within the world of new technology. Recently our attention has been drawn towards the subject of artificial intelligence that has been gaining quite a lot of publicity recently.

In reality a significant amount of our daily interaction with technology is already conducted autonomously and in what could be regarded as interaction with ‘artificial intelligence’ in a sense. This currently takes more of the form of sophisticated algorithms and self perpetuating computing behavior rather than all out AI. However the feeling is that we are approaching the tipping point between where computing is benign and entirely tamed to where it is bordering on sentient and creative computing.

We all know Hollywood’s take on this. Computer becomes self aware, computer dislikes imperfection, computer reasons that humans are imperfect and out come the laser guns. However steering clear of the plot of terminator for a second you only have to look at Googles latest “AlphaGo” AI that succeeded in defeating the grand master of the board game “Go” recently in a display of brute force computing crunching power over human creative thinking. This was no small feat, as the game itself is fiendishly intricate in its logic.

In a real world sense, with the relentless forward push of artificial intelligence then we could very well face a situation where many jobs that used to require the “human touch” or the creative touch become increasingly occupied by AI computer based technology that isn’t limited to an eight hour working day or fatigue, a technology that has proven in the past to be the cost effective choice for increasing supply vs demand.

The big talking points are whether population increase vs increasing reliance in computerization will result in less general job market availability or perhaps the manufacturing of such technology would create new jobs. Perhaps AI will yield huge advancements in scientific research, or perhaps it will simply aid in further promoting more tailored adult entertainment on the internet. Perhaps AI will take complete control of our plane journeys limiting pilot errors, or perhaps it could be the dawn of a new “Stuxnet” style catastrophic cyber attack in one form or another.

Seems like food for thought to us!

Grasp 16′

P.S A computer doesn’t need food.

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