Email Services

It’s important that your email capabilities keep up with the ever changing environment and growing needs of your business. Grasp support can help guide you through this from setting up email accounts for new employees, to ensuring employees mobile phones are synced to mailboxes and calendars. So there’s never an excuse to miss that all important business meeting!

If you’re a new business you may be considering everything you need to ensure your business looks professional to your clients. We can set your business up with a company domain name rather than a public email service such as hotmail and Gmail.

Most importantly, Grasp Support want you to feel you’re supported all the way, especially with one of the main ways you communicate day-to-day. So it’s good to know that if anything were to go wrong, then you have someone at the end of the line to quickly help get everything back up and running efficiently again.


After a quick call to Grasp Support, we can access your computer and get you up and running in no time at all.


Grasp provides an online backup service
to automatically back up your files
safely and securely online.


When setting up a new business
setting up the IT infrastructure
can sometimes appear quite daunting.


Grasp Support can give you options
wherever you are,
whatever you are doing.

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