Remote Assistance

It’s Friday afternoon, you’re just finishing an important email which needs to be sent urgently and would you believe it…your PC decides to stop working!

This is the beauty of Remote Assistance. After a quick call to Grasp Support and a few passwords later, we can access your computer and get you back up and running in no time at all. It’s secure and immediate, letting you get on with your working day with minimum disruption.

Here’s just a few reasons why Remote Assistance can really be beneficial to you and your business:

  • As Grasp Support assists you over the Internet it makes geographical location irrelevant. So even if you’re at a conference in Spain, the Grasp Support team will always be able to help

  • Quick and easy to get online – there’s no lenghty installation software, just a few simple steps and we’re on our way.

  • Being able to actually SEE the issue rather than explain it over the phone makes it easier for the Grasp Support team to get to the route of the issue quickly…and its never fun trying to explain your IT issue when the pressures on to get that all important project finished!

  • You don’t need to wait for us to get to you…saving time and money


Grasp provides an online backup service
to automatically back up your files
safely and securely online.


When setting up a new business
setting up the IT infrastructure
can sometimes appear quite daunting.


It’s important that your email capabilities
keep up with the ever changing
needs of your business.


Grasp Support can give you options
wherever you are,
whatever you are doing.

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