Flexible Working

It’s becoming increasingly common for employees to spend much of the week in multiple locations, using different devices to communicate.

Grasp Support can give you options wherever you are, whatever you are doing. We can provide a range of flexible working options, allowing you to securely synchronise files between home and office computers as well as other devices such as smart phones.

This flexibility allows you to seamlessly move from one device to another with the added benefit of being able to access all of your contacts, view your diary, read and reply to emails and access documents from the server on any device you choose. As with all Grasp Support projects, this is carried out ensuring we retain the highest levels of security.


After a quick call to Grasp Support, we can access your computer and get you up and running in no time at all.


Grasp provides an online backup service
to automatically back up your files
safely and securely online.


When setting up a new business
setting up the IT infrastructure
can sometimes appear quite daunting.


It’s important that your email capabilities
keep up with the ever changing
needs of your business.

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