Office Setup

When setting up a new business or even relocating, changing and setting up the IT infrastructure can sometimes appear quite daunting.

Grasp Support will ensure this is planned and well-managed from the beginning to the project sign-off, taking into consideration not just how you run your business today but also in the future.

Take a look at a few of the areas we can help you with:

  • Planning your IT infrastructure

  • Setting up new internet connections, phone lines, fax lines by liaising with your telecom and ADSL providers as well as building owners

  • Preparing computer cabling, printers and wireless configurations

  • Installation and set up equipment in a new office

  • Configuration and testing of all systems before your move in date.


We don’t have any affiliation to one
particular product or brand, which helps
us stay impartial and independent.


Grasp Support can give you options
wherever you are,
whatever you are doing.


Grasp have the knowledge and skills to keep your telecommunications up to date and integrated.


Why not try us for FREE? If you need help
with any IT questions/problems
let Grasp Support help you out.

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