IT Audit

Grasp Support understands that everyone and every business work differently and therefore each of our clients have specific requirements.

When we carry out an IT audit we start by looking at your current system to see if there are any areas of improvement i.e. maybe memory upgrades to faster hard drives or newer, more efficient computers. Also as hardware gets older you may be able to replace for smaller, more powerful options. We might even find that you have hardware that you no longer need!

Here are some ways in which Grasp Support have already helped other businesses:

  • Ensured they have the most secure systems in place

  • Reduced their ongoing running and suport costs

  • Streamlined their entire IT infrastructure to suit their own needs

  • Increased speed – enabling a faster and more efficient way of working

  • Improved the way people securely file-share, both internally and externally.

Why not try us for FREE? If you need help with any IT questions/problems and you’re considering using Grasp Support, why not allow us to carry out a FREE audit of your current IT system and related office equipment.

You can reach our friendly team on +44 1256 702131.


We don’t have any affiliation to one
particular product or brand, which helps
us stay impartial and independent.


When setting up a new business
setting up the IT infrastructure
can sometimes appear quite daunting.


Grasp Support can give you options
wherever you are,
whatever you are doing.


Grasp have the knowledge and skills to keep your telecommunications up to date and integrated.

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