Telecomms Audit

Our Grasp Engineers also have the knowledge and know-how to keep your telecommunications up to date and integrated into your current IT infrastructure, as it’s not only PCs and Macs which can help streamline your business!

So what can a typical telecoms audit include?

  • Set up employees with their own handsets and guide them through the simple settings so they can start making calls and sending emails in no time at all

  • Advise and maintain new or existing mobile phones and landline phones

  • Integrate conference equipment and services with new or existing systems

  • Provide ‘virtual’ numbers so your landlines can be redirected to your mobile phones – so you’ll never miss any important calls!

At Grasp we pride ourselves in not being locked in to only selling one particular product as it means we can remain completely impartial when finding the most suitable provider for your business. This advantage of this is that you get the most competitive price plan and tariffs available. as well as Grasp Support being able to organise regular handset upgrades.

You can reach our friendly team on +44 1256 702131.


We don’t have any affiliation to one
particular product or brand, which helps
us stay impartial and independent.


When setting up a new business
setting up the IT infrastructure
can sometimes appear quite daunting.


Grasp Support can give you options
wherever you are,
whatever you are doing.


Why not try us for FREE? If you need help
with any IT questions/problems
let Grasp Support help you out.

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